Proton on site   Proton is eem Amerikaans bedrijf dat is samengegaan met NEL
Proton (NEL) NEL is een Noorse organisatie die gespecialiseerd is in het produceren van schone energie.

Giner  is een Amerikaansbedrijf dat electrolysers produceert.
Nederlandse leverancier Giner is HYGRO.

Enapter is een Duitse fabrikant van electrolyzers
Today the AEM electrolyser is a standardized, stackable and flexible design that produces hydrogen on-site.
Paired with advanced energy management software, it can be easily integrated and operated remotely.
Essentially a PEM 2.0 technology, the AEM electrolyser uses a semipermeable membrane to allow anions to pass.
This result is flexibility, fast response time, high current density and high purity hydrogen.
As it doesn’t operate in a highly corrosive environment, it doesn’t require expensive noble metal catalyst materials (iridium or platinum)
or large amounts of titanium. These unique benefits allow Enapter to build an electrolyser as a product or ultimately a commodity.
Our technology allows people and businesses to use green hydrogen every day.
We aim to mass produce the AEM electrolyser, reducing the cost of green hydrogen and making it accessible;
similar to the cost reduction rates we have witnessed in the semiconductor and solar industry.

Sunfire is een Duits bedrijf dat electrolysers produceert.
Sunfire’s ultra-reliable pressurized Alkaline electrolyzer is optimal for applications without or with limited steam availability.
With a proven system lifetime of at least 90,000 operating hours, the electrolyzer is our established solution for renewable hydrogen production.
Sunfire’s high temperature, solid oxide cell electrolyzer is the superior electrolysis solution for industrial applications when steam is available.
Running at 850 °C, our SOEC utilizes industrial off-heat to process water steam to hydrogen at highest conversion efficiencies.

Suzhou Green Hydrogen Energy Co. is een Chinees bedrijf
Water electrolysis hydrogen (oxygen) is the process of water electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen by using KOH solution as the electrolyte.
The electrolyzer stack is composed of two bipolar plate electrolytic cell group.
And the chamber is equal to the number of two cell groups, with a common cathode plate transmission.
It has features of compact structure, safe operation and reliable performance.
Hydrogen and oxygen separator are horizontal type, with good separation performance.
Oxy-hydrogen liquid level balanced on both sides, and the height of the equipment is greatly reduced.
The electrolyte will be compulsively recycled, and the raw water is consumed by the piston pump automatically,
and the operation parameters can be automatically monitored and controlled.

ITM Power Head Office
2 Bessemer Park
S9 1DZ
United Kingdom
With the largest Electrolyser manufacturing facility in the world,
ITM Power manufactures integrated hydrogen energy solutions to enhance the utilisation of renewable energy that would otherwise be wasted.
ITM Power Plc designs and manufactures products which generate hydrogen gas, based on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology.
This technology only uses electricity (renewable) and tap water to generate hydrogen gas on-site and has a product offering capable
of being scaled to 100MW+ in size. In establishing the existing customer base, particular importance has been placed on the ability
(i) to provide a fully integrated system,
(ii) of the system to respond rapidly to varying power profiles, and
(iii) to generate hydrogen at a pressure, flow rate and purity appropriate to its application.

AFC Energy is the leading provider of Alkaline Fuel Cell systems for the generation of clean energy, offering best in class performance
and lowest operating cost as part of global efforts to decarbonise industry.
Developed in AFC Energy’s UK research and manufacturing facilities at Dunsfold in Surrey,
its Hydrogen Power (H-Power) systems use a patented proprietary design to ensure highest efficiency,
robust design and economic operation whilst being free of pollutants and greenhouse gases. 
The Company is committed to helping current and future customers achieve a net zero carbon future through continuous development and improvement
of its product base, focused around its core Alkaline Fuel Cell technology.

Hydrox Holding is een Zuid-Afrikaans bedrijf.
Hydrox Holding’s unique Divergent-Electrode-Flow-Through (DEFTTM) technology and applications of Advanced Alkaline Electrolysers (AAE),
unlock inexpensive hydrogen production from renewable energy sources operating off reliable principles.
The Divergent-Electrode-Flow-Through (DEFTTM) solution incorporates some key advantages from both alkaline and PEM systems.
DEFTTM manipulates the flow of electrolyte through porous electrodes in order to obtain separation of produced hydrogen and oxygen gases.
By controlling where gas is formed on the electrode surface through insulation, low parasitic loads for pumping are attained making
the technology equivalently efficient to conventional water electrolysis methods, with the difference of making use of fewer components and
unimpeded operating parameters.
The goal for Hydrox Holdings is to realise the commercialisation of its membraneless alkaline water electrolysis technologies
and to continue working towards improving and developing clean energy technologies for the future.

Cummins is een Amerikaans bedrijf
The electrolyzer splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen generated can then be used in industrial, chemical,
or short- and long-term power applications.
Cummins offers both alkaline or PEM electrolyzers as core technologies in a range of systems.

McPhy is een Frans bedrijf
Our cutting-edge Augmented McLyzer electrolyzers combine reliability and maturity of alkaline technology with high flexibility.
Production capacity is doubled in relation to market standards thanks to the unique combination
of McPhy’s high-pressure alkaline electrolysis solutions (30 bar) and to its advanced high current density electrodes.

Siemens Energy is een Duits bedrijf
We generate “green” hydrogen from renewable energy using PEM electrolysis, and in doing so make an important contribution
to the global energy transition. The Silyzer product line helps you integrate fluctuating energy sources such as sun and wind in your process.

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